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Code Data Plate Kit

Notice: As of September 2018, Kits are no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

     These kits are configured to meet the Code Date Plate requirements of the Jurisdictions) served by the Elevator Contractor. The kit is made up of an initial supply of Standard Plates with Bin or Drawer Labels with specific information for usage of the plate. The kit also includes special plates for new minor alterations, door operators, and to meet machine room temperature and humidity and test marking requirements.


   Custom Plate Order forms are provided for ordering plates for alterations and modernizations. Also included are re-order forms for the Standard Plates.

     Chicago and New York City Kits Only: The kit contains special field marked alteration plates complete with instructions to identify specific alterations made on existing modernizations done under previously adopted A17.1 code editions. These plates are used in conjunction with Standard Plates to provide complete information.

To order please use our order form providing the jurisdictions to be covered.