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Replacement Crosshead Data Plates may be ordered. The type of plate required will be determined by the type of equipment and installation code.

The requirements can be found in Section for Electric Elevators and in 3.16.3 for Hydraulic Elevators in ASME A-17.1-2000 and later editions. The rules for A17.1 d-2000 and earlier editions are found in Sections 207.3(b)2 and in 310.10. On Hydraulic elevators installed under b-1995 and earlier editions the the plunger weight is not shown on the plate.

Required information on all Crosshead Data Plates: Rated Load, Rate Speed, Complete Weight of Car, Name of Manufacturer and Year of Manufacture. Traction elevators also require Wire Rope Data.  Hydraulics require Plunger Weight for equipment installed under A17.1-1996 and later editions. Rail Lubrication Instructions are required to be shown on the Crosshead Data Plate for equipment installed under A17.1-2000 and later editions.

Please use the Cross Head Excel Form(Office 1997-2003 version) form. For Office 2007+ use this Cross Head Excel Form. Download, fill the form out and email it to sales@codedataplate.com or fax to 281-257-0657.